SINCE 1976

AE Group Mechanical Engineers

For more than four decades, AE Group has provided professional mechanical engineering services to architects and facility managers, with a special focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. We work on educational, performing arts, governmental, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects, and provide master planning services related to mechanical systems. It is our mission to design mechanical systems that are correctly sized, effective, efficient, and which contribute to reducing the causes of climate change.

We work in a collaborative environment focused on sustainable solutions, whether we’re designing better building ventilation, modernized HVAC and plumbing systems, reduced greenhouse gas emission equipment, or addressing the challenges of historical buildings. By integrating green technology and climate solutions through each step of the process, we can help build systems that are efficient and effective.


Whatever we do, we do with the planet in mind. 

Mechanical Engineering Services

The mechanical engineering services we provide focus primarily on the plumbing and mechanical systems in buildings, and our clients are mainly architects and facilities managers. A commonality between all services is our dedication to sustainability and environmental best practices. For each job, we apply our decades of experience, attention to detail, and commitment to efficient, sustainable systems. 


Here is what we design:


HVAC Systems and Energy Analysis


Chillers, Boilers, and Air Handlers


Plumbing Systems


Site Infrastructure


Industrial Mechanical and Piping Systems


Energy Management / Control Systems


Solar Energy Systems


Climate Mitigation


Sustainable Mechanical Engineering Services

In the last 40 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with architects and facilities managers on many types of projects. Our projects range from educational facilities, performing arts theaters, government, commercial, and industrial buildings, to master planning services.

K-12 Education

Higher Education

Performing Arts

Local Government / Military

Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural

Master Planning