Sustainable Engineering Services Since 1976

Sustainable mechanical engineering is at the heart of all services we provide. By designing systems that use energy efficiently and resources sustainably, we can help ensure a healthier planet for generations to come. We approach each project with a sustainable mindset first and then work through obstacles to create efficient, workable solutions for your particular needs. That’s because we believe that designing systems without compromising the natural environment is a process from which everyone can benefit.

Since 1976, we’ve had experience with projects in education, performing arts, government / military / commercial / industrial / agriculture, and in master plan development. Throughout all of these projects, our designs emphasize energy conservation, sustainability, and solutions to climate change. We work closely with architects and facility managers to outline and meet goals and create solutions for long-term building efficiency.

At AE Group, we believe our role as mechanical engineers is directly related to combating climate change and integrating lasting sustainable engineering solutions into our local buildings. Through the use of the latest green technology and energy/sustainability best practices, we strive to design systems that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.  

sustainable engineering building example

Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy

K-12 Education

By providing sustainable engineering solutions to the schools we’re fortunate to work with in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, we can do our part to combat climate change and provide lasting systems for students to enjoy for years to come. Of the hundreds of public and private school projects we’ve worked on, we’ve focused on energy conservation, sustainability, and healthy environments. Spotlight projects include Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, Juan Lagunas Soria Elementary School, Santa Barbara High School, Briggs Elementary School, Peabody Charter School Exploration Center, and the Ventura Unified School District Educational Services Center.

Don Pueblos Engineering Academy

Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy

sustainable engineering example

Ventura College Learning Resources Center

LRC project example

Ventura College Learning Resources Center

Higher Education

Over the last four decades, we’ve worked with many higher education institutions primarily in and around Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Our projects have all focused on sustainable engineering solutions for the sustainability of the buildings and the health and comfort of those attending the institutions. Spotlight projects include Ventura College Learning Resources Center, Oxnard College Learning Resources Center, Ventura College Applied Science Building, Moorpark College Gymnasium, and the Ventura College Performing Arts Theater.

sustainable engineering project, theater


Performing Arts

Performing arts projects can include those for performing arts centers or individual theaters. Comfort and acoustics are the main focuses of these projects and we work closely with architects to design systems that are energy efficient and use resources sustainably. These are often some of our most difficult, but rewarding, projects. Spotlight projects include Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre and the Ventura College Performing Arts Center.

interior of performing arts theater

Lobero Theatre

sustainable engineering in city hall


Ventura County City Hall


Local Government / Military

Much of our work with providing sustainable engineering for local government or military buildings has taken place in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Often, these buildings are older or historical, which requires additional planning to find sustainable solutions without compromising the building’s design. Spotlight projects include Ventura City Hall, Santa Barbara Fire Station #1, Ventura County Juvenile Justice Facility, Montecito Fire Station, Ventura County Government Center, Todd Road Jail, Santa Paula Mill and Depot, and the Carrillo Recreation Center.

Arctic Cold Oxnard building

Arctic cold oxnard

Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects need to be designed for production and energy efficiencies. In our designs, we apply principles of sustainable engineering and energy conservation best practices to promote long-term efficiency. We provide these services for all types of commercial, industrial, and agricultural engineering projects. Spotlight projects include Arctic Cold Oxnard, Titan Frozen Foods, and Roxford Produce International.

Arctic Cold Oxnard project

Arctic cold oxnard

sustainable engineering master planning


master planning projects


Master Planning

When we work with architects and facilities managers to develop master plans for mechanical systems, we can integrate sustainability from the beginning. We have helped develop the mechanical system portions of master plans for school and college campuses and detention facilities for both existing and proposed structures, and are able to design and implement energy-efficient solutions and provide the information needed by clients for planning and budgeting. Spotlight projects include Ventura College Facilities Master Plan, Oxnard College Facilities Master Plan, Ventura County Todd Road Jail Mechanical System Master Plan, and the Lompoc Unified School District Facility Assessment.